The Arc of the Shoals is funded primarily by state and federal governments through the Medicaid Waiver program. The state of Alabama provides approximately 30% of the required funds and the federal match is the remaining 70%. Developmental disabilities(DD) service providers struggle to keep up with rising cost of services and our state continues to provide little or no increase in funds each year to cover increases in healthcare, minimum wage, utilities, insurance, etc.

Donations by individuals, local government, grants, and our fund raising activities help us to continue operations without reducing quality of services.

United Way of Northwest Alabama provides significant funding for The Arc of the Shoals and we are greatly appreciative. Thanks to all who participate in United Way giving, and their staff. Truly an organization who makes a positive contribution in the Shoals area.

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Arc of the Shoals

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The Arc of the Shoals

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 Arc of the Shoals

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