Services Provided by The Arc of the Shoals

Day Habilitation and Training – In operation since 1958, Hope Haven assists adults with developmental disabilities(DD) in becoming as independent as possible. Focus is placed on integration into the community in an effort to enhance social skills.

Residential Homes – The Arc of the Shoals offers a variety of residential services. We operate 17 supervised group homes and other residential services based upon the need of the people we support.

Community Volunteer Experience – Our staff works hard to find opportunities for the people we serve to demonstrate their skills by performing volunteer work throughout the Shoals.

Job Coaching – We are providing “Job Coach” training for our staff so they may provide the people we support with “job” assistance as needed.

Supported Employment Provider(SEP) – Our agreement with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation allows us to provide the activities and services to enable persons with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment and to provide for long term supports, services and follow up to these individuals.

Committed to Employment First for All Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DD) – The Arc is committed to expanding employment services and full inclusion of people, with even the most significant disabilities, in the workplace and community.

Vendor for Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) – We have reestablished our status as a vendor for job support services for persons with DD.

Recreational Programs – The Arc works closely with Shoals Area Special Olympics to provide organized recreational activities including bowling, swimming, track and field events, and a weekly program with the YMCA.

How Can Someone Obtain Services? Is There a Waiting List for Services?

When a person with I/DD exits the school system at age 21, most are not able to immediately receive services immediately. Our waiting list for services in Alabama has doubled in the last 10 years and now has more than 3200 families waiting for services. Families are encouraged to register early with the Alabama Department of Mental Health. Availability of services is based upon criticality of disabilities and family situation.

Visit and select “Waiting List” to download a brochure with details on how to register for services.

If you need assistance during or after the registration process, you may call The Arc of the Shoals and we will be happy to answer questions and/or offer suggestions.

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